Here's the most frequently asked questions about our dream campaign:

Who is behind the dream campaign?

The dream campaign is an initiative of the RV Women’s Alliance. We are a group of men and women who work to promote women in the industry however we could not do this alone. We are supported by the best companies in the industry who have given of their time and resources to help our dream become a reality.

What happens when I submit a dream?

As you can see when you enter your dream, we are collecting NO PERSONAL information that allows us to connect with you. This is not a sales campaign or some hidden way of collecting leads. This campaign comes from a sincere desire of everyone in the industry to inspire hope in everyone. When a camper submits a dream, our guides, that are made up of subject matter experts all across the industry will seek to lead you to some great answers. Along the way, you might find some wisdom, some surprises, and even build some great relationships. When you check back on the site, you will be able to find the recommendations by searching your “tag”. Some may provide links some may just give you information. Some links may include specials, give a ways, or discounts. The most important thing to know is that this is not about selling, but about making dreams come true and you have ALL the control to participate anonymously or dive fully in with our guides!

Who or what is a guide?

A guide is what we call a partnering business that is acting as a subject matter expert. In fact, you were already connected to them in some way because you probably got one or more emails about this campaign from them. We believe in permissive communications so you either found out about this from a friend, social media, or an email from one of our trusted guides. For this campaign, these amazing companies agreed to act as one team of experts to see your dreams come true.

How do you define campers?

We define campers as anyone who has a desire to get outdoors and camp. You may be a seasoned full timer (Like Marc and Julie Bennett from RVLove who one of our guides for this campaign), or you may still be a wanna-be. Your dream is to camp for the first time! If you have a love for taking to the road and experiencing the peace and joy that comes from camping, you are a camper in our eyes!

What are the guidelines for participating on this site?

You can find our terms of service for both campers and guides here. Simply put, this is a place to dream. We ask that there be no negative talk. Please do not submit dreams that have anything to do with religion, sexual orientation, or politics. These topics while important are best discussed elsewhere. Also, please do not create topics related to customer service with specific companies. For our guides, act as a subject matter expert not a sales person. There you go. Read the details if you really want to, but that’s the easy to follow short version.