Become A Guide

    A camping guide is a subject matter expert who is willing to offer advice and direction to our campers with dreams. To become a camping guide is free. This initiative is sponsored by RV Women’s Alliance. We only ask two things:

    1. We will provide a tool kit that you can use to reach your customers. You sent out an email and post in social media about the campaign. We need to know the approximate amount of those you are contacting so that we can schedule you.

    2. You assign someone to visit the site and search key words that could represent a dream that your product could answer. For example a Dealership might search travel trailer, coach or 5th wheel. Or maybe even a brand name. When you find someone with a dream you can give guidance on. post a comment. You can even post a link to your website, a landing page, your Facebook page, or a contest page. Have fun with it.

    That’s it. We will provide reports to you on a regular basis to let you know how the site is performing.