Feeling a little cooped up?! Longing to see those wheels roll again?! Us too! 
Our dream is to see campgrounds full, RV wheels rolling, and people laughing and sharing around campfires once again. 

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My Camping Dream is…

My camping dream is to find a place to camp this summer. I have called at least 10 parks within 200 miles of our home. With all the tools on the internet can’t someone create one place we can go to find all sites that are open. I’m beyond frustrated

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My Camping Dream is…

We just bought a 2007 Holiday Rambler. The wife is redoing the interior and almost finished then it is my turn. (if she leaves me any money.) I want to add Battle Born batteries, solar, a new camera system, and fix or replace the surround sound. We retire this year

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My Camping Dream is…

I am a single retired female. I’ve never camped but I love the outdoors. A friend recommended girlcamper.com to me. I am addicted to this site. I so want to get an older camper and fix it up and join them. After visiting the site I actually think I can

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My Camping Dream is…

We are new RV owners. I want to take my kids camping at Chehaw Park in Albany GA. I have heard so much about it. They have a zoo, a train, a splashpad and the largest playground in the state of GA. My Aunt loves this place and likes to

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My Camping Dream is…

To return to Antelope Island State Park. This was the best place we ever accidentally found! We were going to stop for the night but ended up staying a week. It is a place you have to experience because it can’t be explained or a picture taken that does it

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My Camping Dream is…

I want to buy an airstream that you can drive, not tow. I’ve always liked the airstreams but didn’t know they even made one that you can drive. I found this when I was searching for a pic for this post and now I am on a mission. Duda Camper

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My Camping Dream is…

My camping dream is to spend a month in the Florida Keys at Sunshine Key RV Resort. Our friends do this every year and I can’t wait for us to have the time to join them. Deborah M

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My Camping Dream is…

My camping dream is to travel the coast highway in CA. I want to buy a drone that I can attach to the top of the rig so that it records it and I can then share it with “my peeps” at the nursing home where I volunteer. Jim T

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My Camping Dream is…

My camping dream is to meet all my new friends in Elkhart IN next month! Heading there to meet all my amazing friends and members of RVWA. Then on to meet with Janine P of Girl Camper and Bob and Jon from RVing in New England! “Rollin Home” rolls out

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My Camping Dream is…

We spent the summer of 2018 in Alaska. It was the most amazing summer. We left Alaska a little too early in August to get to see the northern lights. We want to get back there soon to experience Northern Lights!! Valerie T

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My Camping Dream is…

I don’t have a camper but my family does. They visit us each year. My camping dream is to camp at Lake Crescent with them and learn to paddle board. Maren E

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My Camping Dream is…

We’ve been remodeling our Motorcoach for awhile now and while Covid 19 has pushed our remodeling efforts fast I’m still quite anxious to get finished and get back outside and enjoy this great country and the sites again. Valerie T

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My Camping Dream is…

We’ve been traveling the US for over 5 years fulltime now. We’ve seen a lot with much more to see in the US and it will continue to be US dreams for the near future. But….when the pandemic is over and traveling across the ocean is more doable again I

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Have you ever heard of Care Camps?

Care Camps raises money to send children with cancer to camp. It’s an amazing organization and since we are all busy dreaming about how to fulfill our dreams we wanted to do something to fulfill the dreams of some great kids as well. We are asking that if you can (no pressure), give $1. We believe that with our collective “power” we can raise $100K for these special children.


The My Camping Dream campaign is an initiative of the RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA). We are a group of men and women who work to promote women in the RV industry. However, we could not do this alone. We are supported by the best companies in the industry who have given their time and resources to help our dream become a reality.

As you can see when you enter your dream, we are collecting NO PERSONAL information that allows us to connect with you. This is not a sales campaign or some hidden way of collecting leads. This campaign comes from the sincere desire of everyone in the industry to inspire hope through dreaming. When a camper submits a dream, our guides, (subject matter from experts across the industry), will seek to lead you to some great answers. Along the way, you might find some wisdom, some surprises, and even build some great relationships. When you check back on the site, FREQUENTLY, you will be able to find the recommendations by using the SEEKER button to search by keywords. You can search the username you created or something like “travel trailer” and find all the dreams and comments that are associated. Some guides may provide links, some may just give you information. Some links may include specials, give a ways, or discounts. The most important thing to know is that this is not about selling, but about making dreams come true and you have ALL the control to participate anonymously or dive fully in with our guides and subject matter experts.

A guide is what we call a partnering business that is acting as a subject matter expert. In fact, you were already connected to them in some way because you probably got one or more emails about this campaign from them. We believe in permissive communications so you either found out about this from a friend, social media, or an email from one of our trusted guides. For this campaign, these amazing companies agreed to act as one team of experts to help see your dreams come true.

We define campers as anyone who has a desire to get outdoors and camp. That can be in a motorhome, fifth-wheel, travel trailer, pop-up, or a tent. A camper can be a seasoned full-time RVer (Like Marc and Julie Bennett from RVLove who are guides for this campaign), or an RVer wanna-be. 

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